We know how to make your life easier and your brand (very) successful. The things we can do for you are:

Prints ready for production

Our designs are unique. Behind every illustration, there is an idea or a feeling. First we sketch by hand and afterwards, digitally. Ready-to-print and ready-to-edit.


If you want, we can recolor our available designs based on other pantone colors or in a way more suitable for the material of your choice to print. If you prefer to have more options, it’s up to you!


Sometimes it is hard to imagine a design on a pillow or a notebook, on socks or clothes, and on different kinds of bits and pieces. For each design of ours, we have its mockup. And, custom-made mockups especially for you. Is there an idea floating in your imagination? Just ask us and we will make it look real for you.

Placed prints

You love a pattern design. You have it printed on your pillows. And then, you want to see it on your curtains. And on your sleepwear. Or even on your scarf. Matching prints on different stuff, isn’t it nice? We love placing prints! Select a pattern design you like and we can make some placement prints for you. Ready for a family of prints? Make the first step and ask us!